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What We Do


VSPCA was established with the intention of treating and caring for the stray animals of Vadodara, and with every passing year our team of dedicated animal health workers have been rescuing more and more animals and providing them with medical aid

Minor and major surgeries

Our team of doctors is well qualified to perform life saving cutting edge surgeries for all the varied cases we see on a daily basis.

Rescue Operations

A lot of animals living on the roads suffer from illness and meet with accidents our goal is to provide these animals with immediate medical aid.

Trauma ambulance facility

Our latest addition to our hospital is a fully equipped ambulance which will allow us to perform life saving first aid as well as perform surgery and treat our severe trauma cases.


Diagnostics department with blood tests and X-ray facilities to ensure complete care is given to the animals.

Animal birth control programs

VSPCA has been working for the Vadodara Municipal Corporation to perform animal birth control surgeries on stray dogs to help control their population and has brought about very significant results.

Camps and adoptions

In the time of need our team organises medical camps such as bird camps during uttrayan and vaccination camps.
During the floods in Vadodara we set up mobile camps in various parts of the city to treat and vaccinate animals who were affected by the water.



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OPD cases

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Our dedicated team of 15 supported by Vadodara’s animal lovers all working together towards a single mission : To provide timely and appropriate care to all animals in need.

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