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Meet Our Trustees

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Mr. Ashok Krishnadas


Vadodara SPCA was established by Ashok Krishnadas in year 1991 as a Settlor under the Bombay Public Trust Act, and registered with the Animal Welfare Board of India as the first animal welfare body in the city. The inspiration for starting Animal Hospital & Shelter came from his Mother Sulochana. There were many hospitals and sanatoriums for the human beings, but very little attention was given to the mute and helpless animals. The main aim and objective of the VSPCA is protecting helpless animals and providing shelter to those that are forsaken. The Trust with a small Corpus Fund started the operations with one Veterinary Doctor C.B. Patel and two workers from the Zaverchand, Gaekwad’s factory premises in their vacant industrial sheds in Munjmuhuda, Baroda. Ms. Snehal Bhatt, Ms. Kalpana Patel and Ms. Nandita Amin, were the first dedicated volunteers and also Trustees till the time they remained with Vadodara SPCA. Ms. Shefali Dighe continues as the most dedicated volunteer and a Trustee.

In 1994 with assistance from three qualified doctors, three assistants and twelve Helpers at Chapad Village a modern hospital with operation theater, kitchen, and convalescing shelters were established on a five-acre plot donated by Shri Ramjibhai Patel, a local farmer of Chapad Village. In subsequent years with large donations coming in, the gas crematorium, new shelter with large animal operating facilities, X-Ray equipment was established. With the growing popularity there was demand for OPD, which was created at Chapad with full staff and qualified doctor. Another OPD was set up in Makarpura area. It turned out to be un-remunerative and was closed after two years.

For being self sufficient, cows were kept under Vallabh Gaupalan Kendra. Cows were donated and few bought bringing total to 15. Their milk was used by the Dog Kennels, their dung produced gas which was used in the Kitchen for animals and in the Kitchen of the Resident Medical Doctor and the dung slurry in the field growing fodder for the cows. It was difficult to find adequate supervisor and workers and it was closed in 2018.

Vadodara SPCA has been working for the rescue and treatment of sick, disabled and abandoned animals. Every year around 5000 animals roaming the streets of the city are rescued and treated. VSPCA was the first and still continues to catch and sterilize the stray dogs for the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. In five years around 15,000 dogs and bitches were sterilized and given anti-rabies vaccine. VMC made it possible to start another Sterilization Centre at Khatamba, Vaghodiya Road, Vadodara.

The vision for VSPCA is to be the most modern animal hospital treating more than 10,000 animals in a year in India with imparting training to science graduates and creating 500 – 1000 Veterinary Surgeons every year.

In 2018, the reins of Vadodara SPCA were handed over to Dr. Mrs. Riddhi Mehta, who is from medical profession, brings great advantage and dynamism to VSPCA. Having Mr. Deepak C. Mehta also as a Trustee is an added advantage for guidance and support to Vadodara SPCA.

Since the changing of guards Vadodara SPCA is fortunate in having experienced, resourceful and dedicated Trustees and loyal workers and qualified and experienced medical staff members. With the guidance under the new leadership and will never look back and is on a growth path which will be an envy of other similar animal welfare organizations.

June 2020.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees comprises of well-known names from the corporate world, religious organisations, and other welfare NGOs as well as philanthropists from Gujarat. They are our pillar of strength offering us their wealth of experience and knowledge. Under their guidance VSPCA has blossomed as key animal welfare institution in Vadodara.

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