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Latest causes

Electric Crematorium

We all would love to have a respectful way to say our last goodbyes to our beloved animals and this facility will allow us to extend that option to everyone.

Oncology Centre

Our animals too suffer from this deadly disease and its treatment is long and complicated with regular need for follow ups and testing, we are hoping to have a centre where all of that can be done under one roof. We hope that we can provide a comfortable place for these animals to recover.

State of the art Operating theatre and Diagnostics

Medicine is an ever changing field and we at VSPCA believe in being abreast with latest treatments and technology so we are best able to treat all the cases that come to our hospital.

Trauma and Mobile Animal clinics

Our hospital specializes in treating all the stray rescue cases around Vadodara. Our excellent network of animal lovers, volunteers and concerned citizens call in when they see and animal in need. Having these mobile facilities will allow us to extend our reach to more animals in need and provide life saving first aid.

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