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Our Team

Dr. Riddhi Mehta

President and Chief Evangelist

Does not know what to answer when people ask her why she cares - she can’t imagine being any other way. Under her aegis, VSPCA has broadened its scope from being a treatment center for stray animals into an end to end solution for first response, mobile treatment, emergency surgery, care and rehabilitation. She shares a passion for animals that is a motive force for the whole team.

Dr. CB Patel

Senior vet and VSPCA Head Honcho

His first job was with VSPCA. He has also spent almost 2 decades taking care of the Baroda Zoo, and has now come back home

Dr Haribhai Trivedi

Very senior vet- he’s 80+ but don’t remind him

A senior veterinary doctor and age is just a number. Dr Trivedi has been part of the fabric of VSPCA and he continues to work for the institution with same vigour and dedicated.

Dr. Ram Kamalia

Fresher and Excitement Officer

Educationally the most qualified, he brings enthusiasm to the table that complements the years of experience the other doctors bring.

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