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Little kitty cat, ate something bad, it made her sad. At VSPCA, we made her happy and rapt / glad.

This mighty rottweiler came to us with no hope. Our team of Vets did the magic, they knew he had a lot of scope. 

Anjali’s pet baby goat Bhuju was not playing with her and in pain as he was unwell. She was sad to see her bhuju suffering and forced her mother to bring them to VSPCA where he was treated by the veterinarian with the best-in-class medical equipment and medicines. 

Anjali and Bhuju are one of the many everyday stories that make us proud and happy of our work at VSPCA. 

This is Simba, our permanent resident.

We found brave little simba on a street, with just 3 legs, stumbling around in pain. We took him in, treated him.

Our time with Simba at VSPCA made us realised, that it would be difficult for him to survive on the streets with a handicap.​

So now, he is Simba, the king of our VSPCA grounds.

These cute little kitties discussing what new variety coming for the next meal.  

At VSPCA we not only treat animals, but also focus on giving them balanced, nutritional meals, that they love and is also good for their health. 

This little Lab, came to us when he was feeling itchy and scratchy, we helped him get better and rekindle his playful spirit.

At VSPCA we take special care of your pet’s health and their happiness. 

Around the kite flying festival, we found this pigeon injured and distressed, our team, took him to our fully equipped VSPCA hospital, treated him and set him free in the sky.  

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